Welcome to YMF825Board GitHubPage!

In this Web site, we offer information and sample source to operate the board with Yamaha FM tone generator chip "YMF825".
Please freely modify the released source code and challenge making gadgets using this board.

Introduction of YMF825Board

About YMF825Board
  • YMF825(SD-1) (installed in YMF825Board) is an FM tone generator LSI for white goods.
    We installed this chip on a small board, attached pin headers and audio terminals etc, so that makers can easily use it.
Yamaha's purpose for this board
  • The manufacturing by individuals called "Maker Movement", "Personal Fabrication" is expanding all over the world.
    We recognize the growth potential and possibilities of "individual manufacturing", and hope that our iconic FM tone generator would help with the movement.
    While FM tone generators are strongly related to product groups such as electronic musical instruments and synthesizers, we expect that individual makers will come up with something unexpected!
Specification of Tone Generator
  • 16-voice polyphonic 4-operators FM synthesizer
  • 29 on-chip operator-waveforms and 8 algorithms offers a whole variety of sound
  • Synchronous serial data link for host controller interface
  • Integrated loudspeaker driver
  • Integrated 3-band equalizer
  • Integrated 16-bit monaural DAC
  • Flexible Power Supply Configurations


Hardware/Sales Information
Sample Source
  • sample1 Sample Program that generates "Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So" automatically on Arduino Uno
  • sample2 Software Module that makes YMF825 a MIDI tone generator written in C Language